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Second Section of Herald Tribune - Crimson Poll Takes Up Questions of Federal Rights, Supreme Court, Republicans

Ballots Will Be Distributed on Next Monday Throughout College


Ballots in the second section of the Herald Tribune-Crimson poll on current events will be distributed Monday throughout the College. Results will be published every Friday in the Crimson, starting next week; college comparative results in the Sunday Tribune.

Three questions make up the first weeks poll:1. "Would you favor an amendment to the Constitution transferring to the Federal government power to regulate agriculture and industry?"

2. "Do you think that more than a 5 to 4 vote of the Supreme Court should be required to declare an act of Congress unconstitutional? 3. If you voted "yes" above, check which modification you favor: 6 to 3, 7 to 2, 8 to 1, or unanimous vote." Answers to these questions will be announced next Friday.

The second weeks poll asks one question: "If you would vote Republican today, check the candidate you would like to support: Arthur Vandenberg, William E. Borah, Alfred M. Landon, Herbert C. Hoover, Frank Knox, L. J. Dickinson, or other choice". Answers to this question will be published on Friday, February 21.

The third week of the second poll will deal with the question, "Which theory of government do you favor? 1. Concentration of power in the Federal Government, or 2. Concentration of power in the State Government?"

College results of this poll may be compared in the Sunday Tribune in "America Speaks", the national weekly poll of public opinion.

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