Mal Hallett Will Play for Freshman Dance to Be Held at Union Friday From 8.30 Until 1 O'clock

Charles A. Meyer has been appointed head usher of the coming Freshman dance, with Mal Hallett's orchestra, at the Union, it was announced last night by Richard C. Hedblom, chairman of the committee in charge of the dance.

Meyer prepared at Andover and is a member of the Union Committee. He will select the remaining ushers and submit the list to the Union Committee.

At the recent poll in the Union, Mal Hallett received an overwhelming majority of 462 votes, and as a result he was selected to play at the dance, which will be in the large dining room from 8.30 until 1 o'clock.

A ticket committee headed by J. Spence Harvin and R. Bennett Forbes, assisted by H. Rushton Harwood, Jr. and Edwin Lichteg, Jr. is canvassing the Freshman dormitories; tickets priced at $2.00 a couple and $1.50 stage, may also be obtained at the Union at meal times.

Hedblom has also named Charles D. Dyer, 3rd, and Donald MacDonald on the committee of arrangements, with Ulysses Lupien assisting. These men will have charge of arranging the large dining hall for the dance and decorating it.