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New Series of Articles Will Discuss General Aspects of Careers for College Trained Men

Selling, Finance, Accounting Public Service, Publishing Will be Discussed


This is the first in a new series of articles dealing with the general subject of careers. This new series will not discuss the opportunities offered by individual firms or specific openings. Rather it will deal with topics such as selling, advertising, etc. This opening article is Introductory in nature, and following articles will discuss the subjects outlined below.

In this new series of articles, careers will be discussed along lines which cut across all types of work, rather than merely a series dealing with varied types of opportunities for employment.

Thus it is possible to classify all business in seven very general categories. Under each category many subdivisions appear, and an attempt will be made to include an article on each of these subdivisions. In this way the whole field of business can be covered in a general way.

The Professions

Discussions of opportunities in the professions will be covered in a series of articles written by the Deans of the graduate schools. These are scheduled for publication later in the year. The present series is concerned solely with a discussion of careers for men with college, and not graduate, training.

The first of these categories, and the one which employs more college graduates than any other is Selling. Divided, first, into selling of "tangibles", articles will be run on such subjects as selling for manufacturers, for retailers, for wholesalers, and opportunities in foreign trade.

Under selling of "tangibles" would be discussed selling of investments such as stocks and bonds, and investment counseling, and insurance.


A second category would be production work. In this classification factory work would be the topic of the article. Finance, including Commercial and Investment banking, is also placed in a separate class.

Under Accounting, the actual phases of insurance will be discussed. Publishing and Advertising will also be treated in separate articles. Tranportation with a separate discussion of commercial air transport and a general article on the public service will close this present series.

In each article such practical questions as the apparent demand for college men, general qualifications, opportunities for training while working will be included.


Further, a discussion of the reasonable objectives of a man and what he may hope to achieve, his location in particular jobs (that is, whether he will be called upon to travel or not) is contemplated.

Lastly the nature and conditions of the work, what it involves and any special qualifications needed for particular types of positions will be treated.

The first article on selling of "tangibles" for manufacturers and retailers will appear next week

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