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Resolution Follows Action by Students Favoring Conant's Stand


In response to over 1000 names on the petition distributed yesterday asking that active measures be taken in support of President Conant's stand on the Teachers Oath Bill, the Student Council last night unanimously passed a resolution urging the repeal of the bill.

Kelly Will Speak

Shaun Kelly, Jr. '36, secretary of the Council, will be present at the hearing in the State House at 10.30 o'clock this morning to read the resolution, and Thomas H. Quinn, president of the Council will explain the resolution and answer any questions that legislators may ask.

The resolution strongly backs Mr. Conant's stand, states that no faculty member has been heard advocating subversive or inflamatory doctrines, objects to the spirit behind the enactment of the bill, and urges its repeal.

Brainerd Withdraws

Robert Brainerd '38, prime-mover behind the Student Union's objection to the bill, will not speak at the hearing, having agreed to withdraw in favor of the Student Council, feeling that the latter would be more effective.

The text of the resolution which was unanimously passed by a quorum of the Council at a special meeting last night in University Hall, reads:

"Whereas the Harvard undergraduates have forcefully expressed themselves in support of President Conant's stand for repeal of the Teachers' Oath Bill, and,

No Subversive Doctrine

"Whereas the Harvard Student Council through its membership in courses and general investigations has found no professors or instructors in Harvard advocating subversive or inflammatory doctrines, and,

"Whereas the Harvard Student Council feels that the spirit behind the enact- ment of the Teachers Oath Bill is prejudicial to the principles of Freedom of speech in education, provisions of the statute to the contrary not-with-standing and,

"Whereas loyalty to State and Federal Constitutions can not be increased by legislative action,

Repeal the Bill

"Therefore be it Resolved That the Harvard Student Council respectfully urges the Committee conducting the hearing to report favorably a bill to repeal to Teachers' Oath Bill."

Mr. Conant will not be present at the hearing this morning, but Bishop Lawrence, the presidents of several Massachusetts Colleges, and private citizens will testify

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