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Against a Tiger team bidding frantically to nip the Harvard hockey fortunes, the Varsity Pucksters in the Garden last night gained a 3-2 win in a game that might have gone either way by the slightest stroke of chance.

Seniors Show Up Well

Eight Harvard players made their last appearance to the Boston fans last night, ending a season which has seen only one defeat for the Crimson before the home enthusiasts. Captain Freddy Moseley fittingly began the seniors' demonstration by stick-handing goalie Gregory out of position and assisting Louis Carr to the first Harvard tally.

AI Dewey and Mike Hovenanian, on the third line, gave the fans a few interesting moments with solo dashes that missed conversion by a hair. Benney Hallowell played a spirited game to finish off a short career before the Hub fans.

Of the defense men Jim Roberts played the stellar game, paving the way for Hovenanian's tally. With Dick Claflin he put up a stubborn defense that kept the Tigers under the leash for most of the struggle. Thorny Brown did his part, and although Ash Emerson was responsible for the first Tiger goal, he deflected the third period shots that would have turned the game over to Princeton.

Art Duffey and Bob Waldinger were the only Seniors who sat out the entire tussle, and they will probably get their chances on Saturday.

No Do-or-Die Tussle

The Stubbsmen, apparently satisfied with the 8-0 whitewashing they gave Princeton Saturday, and seeking not to overdo it with the Yale game coming up, didn't really go at it hammer and longs till the going got rough. And the fans were satisfied to watch them artfully defend the two goal lead until Ken Willis, the Tiger captain, scored when Ash Emerson let a side-shot bounce into the not halfway through the last canto.

It was then that hell broke loose. Princeton's first line, taking advantage of Harvard's surprise, carried the fight to the Crimson. A shot from close up passed Emerson, bounced off the corner of the cage. He stopped several more by frantic lunges.

Then Stubbs put in the first string and they scored in ten seconds on a speedy rush past the tired Tigers at 16:37. The fans started the suicide call only to be cut off short as Freddy Lawson and Savage combined to beat Emerson at 16:47, just after Louis Carr was given a 2-minute sentence.

The summary:

HARVARD  PRINCETONMoseley, Cutter, Hovenanian, l.w.  r.w., Willis, Bissell, WoodkullFord, Roberts, Dewey, c.  c., Savage, Covey, SylvesterCarr, Mochem, Hallowell, r.w.  r.w., Lawson, Cook, StoninghamClaflin, Brown, l.d.  l.d., HolsappleJ. Roberts, Allen, r.d.  r.d., Barrett, BurkeEmerson, g.  g., Gregor

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