Clarence Martin Elected Secretary-Treasurer of Intercollegiate Club at Washington

Honorable Mention was awarded the Harvard Flying Club in the competition for the Loeing Trophy at the National Intercollegiate Flying Conference held at Washington during the Spring Vacation. The University of Michigan won the Trophy, given annually to the best organized, most efficient college flying club.

Clarence D. Martin, Jr. '39 was elected Secretary-Treasurer of the National Intercollegiate Flying Club at the same meeting. Regard for geographical distribution enhanced Martin's chances, since he hails from Olympia, Washington.

On April 25 the Flying Club will engage Amherst in a dual meet for the New England Trophy. There will be competition in paper strafing, bomb dropping, and spot landing.

Two Meets in Offing

The New England Meet will be held at Northampton on May 9. Colleges which will take part include Harvard, Yale, Dartmouth, Brown, Amherst, Norwich, and Middlebury. With six newly licensed private pilots, the Crimson fliers have high hopes of winning the meet. The Club has flown over 350 hours already this year.