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To the Editor of the CRIMSON:

Your editorial in Wednesday's CRIMSON against the Military and Naval Science departments on the grounds that the college should not have given them a single penny while during the reading period the Widener Library remained closed in the evening was evidently written by a bigoted, prejudiced, so-called "pacifist." He must be the kind of pacifist who knows so much of the ways of nations through his study of History, Government, and Economics that he believes that the way to keep the United States out of war is to so lower our already comparatively weak system of national defense to an even lower point. Then every other idealistic nation, of which the League seems to find so many today, will blind their eyes to the fact that we are unprepared and leave the unguarded golden apple alone.

He says, "These (the History and Government) departments number among their members many of the men who are essential to the real importance of the University." By which it seems that he imputes that the officers which the Army and Navy have sent here are of no importance. Has the CRIMSON in its desire for sensationalism degenerated to the petty mud throwing of ward politicians? Even though the Army and the Navy send some of their best men here to be Professors and instructors of Military Science and Tactics, is the college to accept the policy of your editorial writer and, just because a few students cannot get a book at an hour which suits their particular, personal convenience because of that, is the college to withhold from Military and Naval Science every single penny? Wm. R. M. Glazier '36.

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