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To the Editor of the CRIMSON:

In the capacity of an absolute neutral I am taking the liberty of addressing you in connection with the unfortunate statements contained in your columns recently in regard to proselyting at certain colleges, more especially at Colgate. I was graduated from Colgate in the class of 1913 and since then have been fairly closely associated with athletics at that institution.

It has been my experience that William J. Bingham, the present athletic director at Harvard, is held in the highest esteem not only by the athletic directors of the other colleges in the east, but by the chief executives as well. He is a gentleman and a sportsman who has made the most of his opportunities in a position which could be termed anything but a bed of roses. He has seen fit to appoint Dick Harlow head coach at Harvard and from the standpoint of getting one who knows football from the ground up and can get the most out of the boys playing it he could not have made a better selection.

The fundamental reason for Colgate's success in athletics has not been proselyting, but is directly attributable to the Colgate motto, "Every Colgate man in something, and some Colgate man in everything," which is the foundation upon which the famous Colgate spirit is based, and to the fact that, right or wrong, those in power are to be respected.

Again from the standpoint of a neutral outsider, it would seem to me that a lot more could be done by supporting the system at your institution, right or wrong, rather than by trying to undermine whatever college spirit may still exist by criticising a man and a policy about which obviously the writer knows very little. If every man in the Harvard student body will get behind the administration, Bill Bingham, the coach, and the team, and will stay behind them. Harvard will not only have a winning team, but will justify the hope of every true sportsman that she is making the most of her opportunities-win or lose-she will be doing her best. "United we stand, divided we fall."

To quote from the New York Times of Tuesday, January eighth, part of a statement made by R. J. Gill, "Richard 'the Lion Hearted' Harlow makes men out of mice"-and who knows, that may be just what he'll be up against.

Trusting this effusion may be accepted in the spirit in which it is sent, I am Robert W. Moore, Jr., Colgate '13.

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