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Spring sunlight and outdoor sports combine to offer the CRIMSON candidate unlimited photographic possibilities for this next competition. Baseball pictures from the press box and finish line track shots will all be taken by the candidates who show that they can get the pictures.

No Experience Necessary

The competition assumes no previous photographic experience, although in the first week or two, familiarity with photographic methods will be a slight advantage. The CRIMSON owns two Graflex cameras, and it is with these that most of the pictures are taken, though in recent years several miniature cameras have shown their adaptability to news work. The competition aims chiefly at giving a thorough training in the fundamentals of photographic technique and developing the ability to recognize the news value of university activities.

The photographic board has enlarged its sphere of activity considerably and looks forward now to contributing not only to its own pages, where more and more pictures will go, but also to two or three other publications.

The competition will not only give practice to the candidates in outdoor action and still photography, but as there is a simple portrait studio in the CRIMSON Building, they will have an opportunity to get portrait experience and to study pictorial lighting at first hand.

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