Will Be First Incumbent of Coolidge Professorship-14 on Faculty Find Advancement

Conjecture on "Kitty's" successor as Gurnery Professor of English Literature comes to an end with the appointment today of Fred N. Robinson '91, Professor of English, to take over that post next fall.

Also at the head of 14 Faculty promotions from September 1, is the investiture of William L. Langer '15, associate professor of History as first incumbent of the Coolidge Professorship.

Coolidge Professorship

Established in 1931 from a bequest of the late Archibald C. Coolidge '87, this professorship "in modern European or Asiatic History" bears the novel stipulation that on vacancy it may at the University's discretion be filled or remain unoccupied with accumulation of income.

James P. Baxter, 3d., associate professor of History, has also been appointed to a full professorship.


Others Promoted

Other promotions are: Joshua What-mough, professor of Comparative Philology; Kenneth J. Conant '15, professor of Architecture; and Seymour E. Harris '20, associate professor of Economics.

Also, for three years from September 1: Paul H. Buck, assistant professor of History; Frederick B. Deknatel, instructor in Fine Arts and tutor; Wilbur J. Bender, instructor in History and tutor; Theodore Spencer, assistant professor of English; Robert G. Noyes, assistant professor of English and tutor; George K. Zipf, assistant professor of German; Warren K. Seyfert, instructor in education; and Hallowell Davis '18, associate professor of Physiology.