Strictly Speaking

A typographical error (there cannot have been more than three or four of them this year) appeared recently in an official release distributed by the University's New Office. A typist with an apparently ungovernable flair for alliteration substituted an "F" for the first "L" when writing the name of Louis F. Fieser, associate professor of Chemistry.

A few may be surprised to learn that there is a Radcliffe Room in Widener. It is located between the Delivery Room and the Periodical Room.

A Dunster acquaintance of ours, who delights in outdoor interludes, last Thursday evening forsook Dunster's costume affair for a stroll along the river's edge. In the course of their wandering he and the young lady accompanying him saw fit to fall into the Charles.

It developed that the Charles is abnormally muddy at this season, so that a layer of silt became deposited upon their respective costumes. Anxious to remedy the faux pas the young man was quick to suggest they retire to his room, where by means of a forceful stream of water from the shower fixture overhead they removed the silt from their clothes-simultaneously.

Soda sippers in a drug store on the Square witnessed the other day an unusual example of one of the many ways in which members of a university benefit the community. Entering the store with half a dozen Wellesley and Radcliffe girls, a small dog proceeded to throw a fit which cast him all over the floor and his feminine companions into a corner.


Quickly sizing up the situation a member of the faculty of the Geology Department who is especially prominent in local affairs soothed both the young ladies and the dog by pouring a glass of water over the head of the latter.