Six Juniors, Three Sophomores Are Elected to Student Council

Athletics, Crimson and Freshman Activities Are Represented by Men Elected

Results of the Student Council balloting were as follows (those starred were selected): Juniors *Neil Gardner Melone  200 *Charles Colmery Gibson  203 *Thomas Herbert Bilodeau  202 *Emile Dubiel  187 *George Gordon Hedblom  184 *John Bradford Bowditch  168 Leavitt S. White  153 Rolf Kaltenborn  133 William T. Dean, Jr.  109 William J. Watt  108 James B. Hallett  107 Charles M. Storey, Jr.  97 Robert B. Watson  92 Thomas W. Stephenson  84 Curtis Prout  67 Robert Dunn  46 Arthur Ellison  37 Sophomores *Charles Russell Allen  192 *Francis Keppel  176 *John Lyell Dampeer  142 Joseph P. Kennedy, jr  107 Morris Earle  98 Marshall Field, Jr.  86 George F. Roberts  86 George vonL. Meyer  69 Edmund F. Ingalls  65 Caspar W. Weinberger  53 John H. Gardiner  44

At the first meeting of the new Council on Wednesday evening May 26 in University Hall five Juniors and three Sophomores will be appointed to fill out the quota of 17. Election of officers will take place later in the week.

Melone, who comes from Minneapolis, Minnesota, is chairman of Eliot House Committee, chairman of the '87 Album committee, and Phi Beta Kappa. He is also on the news board of the CRIMSON AND was a member of the Freshman boxing team.

Gibson, from Atlanta, Georgia, was chairman of the Freshman Red Book is on the Album committee, a director of the Coop, a CRIMSON editor, and was a member of the Council last year.

Bilodeau, of Dorchester, is on the football and hockey teams and was on the Council last year. Dubiel from Fairhaven, was on the council last year and is captain of football.


Hedblom who lives in Cambridge, was also on the football team and a member of last year's Council. Bowditch, who comes from Concord is president of the CRIMSON on the Tercentenary Committee, and a present member of the Council.

The sophomores, Allen, Keppel, and Dampeer, come from Brookline, Montrose, New York and Cleveland, Ohio respectively. Allen was president of the Freshman class; Keppel chairman of the Red Book; and Dampeer captain of the Freshman basketball team and on this year's Varsity.