Annual Program at Union Uproarious Success; Richard R. Flood in Charge of Committee

Traditional local indifference received a severe setback in the Union last night as 1000 men of Harvard took part in the University's annual pandemonium meeting, sometimes referred to as the Freshman Smoker.

Members of the Class of 1939 introduced a novel element into the customary procedure. Things were pretty slow getting started, so all the boys began throwing cheese and doughnuts around the room.

Several bullseyes were tallied by balcony inhabitants on those directly below them, but Mr. Marshall made everybody stop before anyone had had any fun.

After the opening number by John P. Ayer, Jr. '37 and his Gold Coast Orchestra, Richard P. Hedblom, president of the class, delivered a short address in which he also represented his fellow officers, Francis A. Harding, Jr. and Philip Dean, kept away by illness.

Then followed nine acts of first class vaudeville entertainment, featured by the appearance of Jimmy Foxx of the Red Sox.


Cleon B. White of the National Broadcasting Company acted as Master of Ceremonies. The Freshman committee consisted of: Richard R. Flood, chairman; Elliott Bacon, John C. Bowen, Charles Burwell, George Earle, William C. Flynn, H. Rushton Harwood, Donald McDonald, Hugh McNeil, Robert W. Sarnoff, and Clifford W. Wilson.