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At the annual meeting of Sigma XI, honorary society for science research, 44 new members and four officers were elected. The officers are Edwin G. Boring, professor of Psychology, president; Edwin J. Cohn, professor of Biological chemistry, vice-president; Frank M. Carpenter, assistant curator in the Museum of Comparative Zoology, secretary; and Jacob B. Den Hartog, assistant professor of Applied Mechanics.

Forty-one faculty members and graduate students were elected to chapter membership, one graduate to chapter membership, one graduate to alumni membership, and one senior to associate membership. The associate members are: Edward A. Ackerman 1G, Claude C. Albritton, Jr. 3G, Randolph Ashton G.E.S., Henry Berman 4G., Harry Blotner, instructor in Medicine; Arthur Casagrande, assistant professor of Civil Engineering, Vernon I. Cheadle, assistant in Biology, Irvin S. Danielson, instructor in Biochemical Sciences, Hallowell Davis, assistant professor of Physiology, Elizabeth Deichmann, assistant curator in the Museum of Comparative Zoology.

Earle S. Ebers, assistant in Chemistry, Llewellyn T. Evans, assistant in Biology, Harry B. Friedgood, Research Fellow in Chemistry, Sergel I. Gaposchkin, William M. Goodhue, instructor in Electrical Engineering, William F. Greshman 3G., David T. Griggs J. F., instructor in Physics, George A. Harcourt, assistant in Economic Geology, Roger W. Hickman, instructor in Physics, Alfred H. Holway 3G., Frederick V. Hunt, associate in Medicine.

Leo M. Hurvich 4G., Norman B. Keevil 3G., John R. Lacher 3G., Edward W. Moore, instructor in Sanitary Chemistry, Stanley J. G. Nowak, instructor in Surgery, James A. Noble 1G., James G. O'mara 3G., Howard A. Potter 4G., Kenneth B. Raper 2G., Wendell A. Ray 4G., True W. Robinson 7GG., William E. Schevill, assistant curator in the Museum of Comparative Zoology, Ernest R. Sears 4G., Wesley W. Spink, assistant in Medicine, Robert E. Stauffer 4G.

Karl von Terzaghi, lecturer on Soil Mechanics, William F. Wells, instructor in Sanitation, Robert W. White, Gilbert L. Woodside, assistant in Biology, and Paul A. Zahl, Austin Teaching Fellow.

David Potter was elected to alumni membership and Talbot H. Waterman '36 to associate membership.

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