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SERVICE of Thanksgiving and Remembrance. Willard Learoyd Sperry, Dean of the Divinity School, will deliver the sermon in Memorial Church at 9.30 o'clock this morning. The service is open to the Governing Boards, Professors and Associate Professors of Harvard University, Delegates, and Delegations of the Harvard Alumni Association, the Associated Harvard Clubs, and the Students of Harvard University. The students will be represented by a delegation of 50 students.

ASSOCIATED HARVARD CLUBS Tercentenary Meeting. At the close of the Service, 10.30 o'clock, trumpets will be sounded and the band will play as a signal for the Alumni to take their seats in the Theatre. Members of the Governing Boards, Faculties, Delegates, and Distinguished Guests will proceed, without formality to seats on the stage. Alumni who wish to bring their families to this meeting may obtain family tickets at Straus Hall beginning at 8 o'clock this morning.

Courtesy tickets to the University Theatre, where the ceremonies will be broadcast, may be obtained upon presentation of Tercentenary passes. Non-holders of passes may enter after 10.55 o'clock.

ASSOCIATED HARVARD CLUBS luncheon, Memorial Hall Delta Pavillion, 1.00 o'clock. Open to Alumni and special guests. Tickets at 50 cents each will be on sale in the Yard and must be presented at the Delta entrance.

LUNCHEON for wives of Alumni, at 50 cents apiece, will be provided in Sever Quadrangle immediately following the meeting of the Associated Harvard Clubs.

LUNCHEON given by the Faculties of the University in honor of the Delegates. Memorial Hall, 1.30 o'clock. Open to Delegates, members of the Governing Boards, Professors, and Associate Professors of the University.

LUNCHEON given in the Houses at 1.30 o'clock for Undergraduate Delegates, Undergraduates, and their guests. Show Tercentenary Pass.

TERCENTENARY CONCERT II. Boston Symphony Orchestra, Dr. Serge Koussevitsky, Conductor. Sanders Theatre, 4 o'clock. Tickets will be supplied to Delegates and members of their families and their hosts; and to the Governing Boards, Professors, and Associate Professors of the University, and the ladies accompanying them.

The program consists of Bach's Suite Number Two in B Minor, for fluts and strings, Haydn's Symphony in G Major, and Mozart's Symphony in E Flat.

REUNIONS of Harvard College Classes, and of Associations of Graduates of the Professional and Graduate Schools. Afternoon and Evening.

HARVARD ENGINNERING SOCIETY. Meeting in connection with the Tercentenary. Inspection of Labortory during afternoon. Assembly at Room 110, Pierce Hall, 2.30 o'clock. A guide will be provided.

Dinner at the Continental Hotel, Cambridge, at 7.00 o'clock. Reservations may be made at $2.00 each, except for the classes of 1935 and after, who will be admitted without charge. The principal speaker will be Mason Rogers, of the Dewey and Almy Chemical Company, whose chosen title is "Up in the Air--Exploring the Stratosphere with Instrument Carrying Balloons." Charles F. Brooks '11, Director of the Blue Hill Observatory, will speak on the meteorological aspect of such experiments, K. O. Lange will explain and demonstrate the radio meteorograph, and A. E. Bent will talk on radio. Other speakers will include Robert Ridgway, prominent civil engineer of New York; Lewis J. Johnson, Professor of Civil Engineering; and R. H. Watson, vice-president of United States Steel and president of the Society.

EXHIBITION FOOTBALL PRACTICE, Soldiers Field, 3.00 o'clock. Open to Graduates, Undergraduates, Undergraduate Delegates, and their guests. Show Tercentenary Pass. The football team will go through a regular practice which will be described through a loud speaker system. The band will also perform.

ASSOCIATION OF HARVARD CHEMISTS. Tercentenary Meeting. Mallinskrodt Chemical Laboratory, 3.00 o'clock.

ALUMNI ASSOCIATION OF THE GRADUATE SCHOOL OF EDUCATION. Dinner at the Hotel Sheraton, 91 Bay State Road, Boston, at 7.00 o'clock. Reservations may be made at $2.00 each. Professor Donald B. Durrell will act as toastmaster. Speakers will include William H. Kilpatrick, Professor of the Philosophy of Education at Columbia; Dr. Payson Smith, former Massachusetts State Commissioner of Education; Henry W. Holmes, Dean of the Graduate School of Education; Robert Ulich, professor of Philosophy at Dresden; and Paul H. Hanus, professor of History and the Art of Teaching, Emeritus.

DINNER given by the Council of Radcliffe College in honor of the Delegates of the College for women. Agassig House, Radcliffe College, 7.00 o'clock.

TERCENTENARY DINNERS for Undergraduates in the Houses, 7.00 o'clock. This Dinner will be informal, Ladies may be invited. Show Tercentenary Pass.

HARVARD CHAPTER OF PHI BETA KAPPA. Tercentenary meeting in Sanders Theatre at 7.30 o'clock. Orator, Professor Bronislaw Malinowski; Poet, Robert Frost '01. Sections reserved for members and other ticket holders. Others may apply for tickets to the Top Gallery at the Alumni Registration Office in Straus Hall.

ILLUMINATION OF THE RIVER FRONT. 9 to 9.30 o'clock. The whole river front by the Houses will be lighted and there will be a display of fireworks. Music. Undergraduates and their guests should assemble on the river bank by the Weld Boat House.

TORCH LIGHT PROCESSION. From the Weld Boat House at 9.30 o'clock. All undergraduates who are unaccompanied by any guests should assemble in a special enclosure roped off by the Boat House. The procession will be headed by the Harvard Band and a group of Marshals carrying a plaster cast statue of John Harvard. Undergraduates should see pamphlet received at registration for further details.

POP CONCERT DANCE. Memorial Hall, 10.00 to 2.00 o'clock. Students will be admitted at the south side door on presentation of Tercentenary Pass. Ticketes may be secured for ladies by applying at the Crimson Building. The dance will be free; light refreshments and beer will be sold in the Delta of Memorial Hall where tables will be available. Members of the Class of 1936 may obtain tickets to this dance at the Crimson Building. INFORMAL DRESS.

RECEPTION in honor of Delegates from other Universities, Colleges, and Learned Societies. Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, Fenway Court, Boston, 9.00 to 11.00 o'clock.

Friday, September 18

PROCESSION OF THE ALUMNI. The Alumni will enter the Old Yard (west of University Hall) by 9.15 o'clock and assemble at the respective class stations, which will be marked by flags bearing the class colors and numerals. There will also be stations for Alumni and students of other Departments who are not Graduates of Harvard College. Passes must be shown.

The Procession will be led by Chief Marshal Charles Francis Adams '88 and Deputy Chief Marshal Joseph Rochemont Hamlen '04, assisted by seven Aides and over 100 Class Marshals. A Marshal for each Class and School will carry the banner at the head of his column. The procession will enter the East Yard at 9.45 o'clock.

Signs for "Assembly" at 9.30 o'clock, "Ready" at 9.40 o'clock, and "March" at 9.45 o'clock will be given by bugle, the Band striking up as the march begins.

ASSEMBLY of Governing Boards, Delegates, and other Distinguished Guests, and of the Professors and Associate Professors of the University, in Wedener Library at 9.30 o'clock.

ASSEMBLY of Assistant Professors and other Members of the Faculties on the steps of Memorial Church at 9.30 o'clock.

ASSEMBLY of all other officers of instruction and administration, between Thayer Hall and Memorial Church, 9.20 o'clock.

ASSEMBLY of Undergraduates and Undergraduate Delegates in Sever Quadrangle (between Sever Hall and Quincy Street) at 9.30 o'clock.

TERCENTENARY CEREMONIES. Including an Address of Welcome by Professor Edward Kennard Rand, Latin Orator; a formal recital of the acts constituting the founding of Harvard College by the Tercentenary Historian, Professor Samuel Eliot Morison; an Address from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts; the Tercentenary Oration by President James Bryant Conant; and the conferring of Honorary Degrees upon a large number of Distinguished Scholars from many nations. Music will be furnished by 200 Graduates and Undergraduates under the direction of the Tercentenary Chorister, Professor Archibald Thompson Davison.

These events will be broadcast at the Commander and Continental Hotels, and at the University Theatre.ROBERT HILLYER At Phi Beta Kappa Tonight

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