Platter Chatter

In this and the following reviews of popular records the column will be divided into reviews of dance and jazz pieces. Each disc will be judged according to the standards of its group. The system of marking is: *poor, **fair, ***good, ****excellent.


(Victor) Smoke Dreams and Goo! But You're Swell*** by Benny Goodman. What! No swing from the "king?" It seems that he is leaving that so the jigs. This is still the best dance band to be heard and on this release Krupa's powerful rhythm with Helen Ward's singing help keep it at the top. O Benny! where is thy swing?

(Victor) May I Have The Next Romance With You**1/4 by Tommy Dorsey. A pleasantly danceable piece in the customary Dorsey manner, but it seems a shame to waste this good band on such pop tunes. They need something to cut loose on. The reverse, Head Over Heels In Love***, is better, having Edythe Wright vocalizing in place of Jack Leonard. After she finishes, Max Kaminsky (trumpet) and Bud Freeman (tenor sax) add a few topid bars.

(Victor) Serenade In The Night**1/4 by Roy Fox. Britain again invades our shores with what may be another Ray Noble. Here is a slow tango that needs no Latin to feel its appeal; too bad it is marred by poor lyrics. The reverse, That's Life, I Guess*3/4 by Guy Lombardo is so soft and gooey that your needle ought to stick in the grooves.

(Bluebird) The Count*** by Benny Moten. The fine piano beat from Bill (Count) Basie is an example of his work at its best. The band itself, although not full of individual stars, has that swing peculiar to colored orchestras, giving a good, solid rhythm. Benny's brother, Buster, spells a bit of this disc with his lifeless accordian, but the damage is more than repaired by "Lips" Paige's trumpet work. Keep on the lookout for Basie's Kansas City Orchestra.