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Paradoxically enough it was with considerable satisfaction that we received this morning's communication from the Princeton athletic authorities announcing that they, along with the six other proposed members of the Ivy Football League, did feel ready to establish a definite and formal organization at this time.

In the first place, it was a gratifying exhibition that the joint editorial printed by the college dailies of the suggested league members had been accorded official recognition. And what is more to the point this official recognition had in turn been the direct result of "very frank and extended conversations" on a subject which had too long been taboo.

Another pleasing aspect of this formal statement was the open-minded tone of hope which was promised by the view that "a football league has such promising possibilities that it may not be dismissed and must be the subject of further consideration." This is a considerable concession from some of those who scoffed at the mention of such a possibility a month ago.

Of course, we do not agree that the establishment of a formal league would not attain the desired ends of mutual confidence and a high level of athletic standards. But we are willing that all sides of the question be discussed as long as they are being discussed and not just ignored.

This, then, is not the death knell of the Ivy League proposition. Rather we wish to regard it as the culmination of the first advance. A temporary halt, perhaps, will pass before the next march begins, but the movement has been started. We leave it to others to carry on. --The Daily Princetonian

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