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The weekend just past has been a tense one for all devotees of Harvard football, and it is with unmixed relief that news is received in Cambridge of Coach Dick Harlow's resolve to stay with the Crimson next year. In spite of an offer which could not but be attractive to him, Coach Harlow refuses to give up his job before it is completed, and for this generosity Harvardmen are deeply indebted to him.

Every Crimson supporter must fully realize the damage which a change in coaching technique &next season would entail. The 1936 team gave a magnificent account of itself from the middle of the autumn on, and by any impartial observer must have been rated at Thanksgiving as so nearly the equal of any of its recent opponents as to defy comment. Without a first class coach next year, however, Harvard's lack of material would spell a disastrous season. Dick Harlow has shown himself to be a first class coach, and there is every reason to believe that with his return. Harvard will field a team in 1937 which will give future college generations something to reminisce about.

Aside from these utilitarian aspects of the situation, Dick Harlow has carved a place for himself at Soldier's Field which no one else could fill. Always a genial, philosophic personality, he has the knack of making people wish to work for him. Crimson football players and fans are uniformly grateful for that continuity of purpose which has influenced Coach Harlow to remain in Cambridge.

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