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Sonja Henie "Wants to Go Home," She Says, Declining to Skate on the Charles

Diminutive Skating Star Admits Having Heard of Harvard, Likes Hollywood


"Hundreds of people, all crowding and shoving their pencils at me. I want to go home." The diminutive Sonje Henie crinkled up her blue eyes in mock exasperation while she sat in her crowded dressing room last night and told modestly of her skating career.

Tired, but cheered by more than a dozen encores during the evening, Miss Henie was radiant as she joined her father and mother. She shook the flowered coronet from her golden hair, looking every bit as attractive as she does in her new film.

Having now completed her last performance at the Boston Garden, Miss Henie is planning to tour several other cities, returning to Hollywood in March to make another picture.

She had heard of Harvard, but would not elaborate, and confined her answer to admitting she was heading for the Copley with a friend from across the Charles. At this point we made the request that she skate tomorrow on the river, guaranteeing her a large crowd, but she smilingly refused.

She likes Hollywood, she said, and admitted that "One In a Million" is her favorite song, "Simply marvelous." On the subject of Norwegians and Americans in winter sports, she stoutly affirmed that Americans are just as interested in skating and skiing as her countrymen. She has skiied a lot, between terms at the University in Oslo, and hopes she can try our New Hampshire trails. (So do we!)

After seeing "One In a Million," which stars Miss Henie, we were puzzled whether the plot resembled her own life history. When questioned she replied, "Well, yes, a little," but then her eyes fell on Henie, senior, and she vigorously shook her gorgeous blonde head, exclaiming "No, not at all." There was a story behind that, we felt sure, but before we could inquire further she was whisked away from the dressing table on which we were sitting, and hurried through the packed throng outside, Garbo-fashion.

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