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Clearing his own conscience and those of his friends, Robert M. Coquillette '39 was released this morning by Judge Robert Walcott '95 in East Cambridge District Court, having been arrested on a charge of disturbing the peace.

He had been assaulted by four Cambridge youths in the yard of a house on Grant Street, as he was taking a short cut to Dunstor House from Central Square. They chased him to the third floor of Leverett House, D entry, whence they were escorted by the Janitor.


But according to reports, one of the four boys was a son of Councilman Michael Sullivan, and shortly three squad cars loaded with Cambridge Police arrived and took Coquillete to jail on $50 bail.

At the jail he found a battery of newspaper photograhers and reporters, but was shielded from them by Charles R. Apted, Superintendent of the Yard police, who also furnished the bail

Far Sighted

The charge that he had been peeking in the window of a young woman recently was dropped when it was found that he had been in Flint, Michigan for the last two weeks.

The statement by one Boston paper saying that he had confessed to this charge in the presence of Sullivan is false.

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