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To the Editor of the Crimson:

In the February 24 edition of the Crimson you published an article concerning the curtailment or elimination of class-day exercises in view of the present circumstances. There should be no question about the elimination of any exercise that is wasteful, or too expensive for incomes battered by wartime costs-of-living. Above all, I'm certain all of us want no part of anything that smacks of "fiddling while Washington burns". As to any other changes that are suggested, I feel it imperative that the entire class be given the opportunity to express their views in a poll.

Of the opinions expressed in this article, I should like to ask why an event like the informal house dancing, for example, should be eliminated? Such overall curtailment without applying tests of waste, expense, and taste would be needlessly severe. Again I call attention to the continuation of sports and entertainment in this country and Britain at the request of government leaders who recognize the need of those elements of our existence which give relief from somber thoughts.

No doubt to some this is a petty matter, but to those I should like to point out that most of this senior class will enter the armed forces after graduation. They deserve a send-off. Morever these last exercises means a lot to some of us, and to our friends and relatives, even if it is only a chance to strut and be the center of attention for a few hours. Such is harmless and trivial, but very necessary and dear to men. Sincerely,   George J. Grindle, '42

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