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In its second game of the season the Harvard Freshman football team on Saturday was soundly whipped 21 to 6 by Worcester Academy. Worcester effected two of its touchdowns through passes, while Joe Gardella, left half back formerly of Worcester, gained six points for the Crimson with an end run in the second period.

Worcester first crossed the Harvard goal line in the first quarter when Captain Frederick Wakeman received a pass from his teammate Hurst. In the second period came Gardella's score for Harvard. Then in the fatal third period Worcester registered a second and third touchdown, Wakeman again snagging a pass by Hurst, and Wishoski accounting for the other.

From the results of this second game it appears that Harvard Freshman football is due for another year of steady defeat or mediocrity. Last week the Crimson eleven lost to one of the worst football teams Exeter has exhibited in years. Robbed of success by repeated fumbles, the Freshmen gave indication of perhaps doing better after they had lost their nervousness and become accustomed to the ball.

Despite some good playing on the part of Gardella, Lacey and others, however, Coach Skip Stahley's tutees are up against a discouraging season, judging from Saturday's game.

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