Says Capitalists Dumb As Athletes, Seas System's End

Anonymous Chicago "Crank" Sends Letters to Harvard Rapping Existing Society

Following are excerpts from letters written to the University by an anonymous author, and postmarked Chicago, Educator and Student:

There should be a LAW to do away with as quickly and as humanely as possible, of OLD people whose brains become diseased and defective from old age. As well as babies that become defective by birth.

While babies that are defective are neither a menace nor contagious, old diseasses and defective brains is not only a menace to civilization and progress, as well as it is contagious.

Old diseased and defective brains poison young healthy brains, by preaching of their past, which is as dark as the darkest part of Africa (Spain?).

* *

When the Workers of Capitalistic Democratic countries get wise to the Capitalists and the Capitalists can not live no more by their wits, then these Capitalistic scum of humanity ally themselves with the racketeers and thugs to force on the workers Facism. The degenerate Capitalists and their kind might as well be pounding their dumb heads against a stone wall as to try to beat evolutionary changes.

The OLD MUST DIE and the new born live to become old. Thankyou.

* * *

Educator, student, Farmer, and all other workers, U-N-I-T-E for the coming workers civilization. Thankyou.

* * *

The Capitalists are as dumb as the average ATHLETE. While the athlete puts all the time and energy of the development of the body, the Capitalists put all the time and energy of the development of their mind, of how to obtain, possess, and accumulate wealth. They smell like SKUNKS, and like Skunks they do not understand the reason why people do not like them.

* * *

"The Laws of Capitalism are the Laws of the jungles. Capitalism, like a snake, is made of three parts:

1. Capitalism itself is the HEAD.

2. Wealth is the BODY.