Dartmouth Wins Five Mile Triangle Cross Country Run

New Hampshire Freshmen Best Harvard and Dartmouth Yearlings

Two Crimson Cross Country teams yesterday tasted victory and defeat when they gained second places in the triangular meet here with Dartmouth and New Hampshire.

Dartmouth made good its threat of winning the Varsity five mile run, and New Hampshire Freshmen put down their Crimson and New Hampshire opponents. The score of the Varsity meet was Dartmouth 36, Harvard 42, and New Hampshire 54, and the Freshmen: New Hampshire 30, Harvard 40 and Dartmouth 52.

Stewart Whitman of Dartmouth won the Varsity race in 23:44.4. His teammate Hareid: Wonson followed. While John Itrvard '38 of the Orimson gained third. Rebert Nichols of the Harvard Freshmen had little difficulty in winning his race. Charles Oldtather of Harvard was third.