Harder, Peabody, Tibbetts, Tewksbury, Brown. Lowry, and Smith Start In Line-up

Only one more practice session remains before the Yardling eleven clashes with Exeter, thus inaugurating the athletic career of '41. The game will be played on the Freshman field, starting at 2:30 o'clock tomorrow afternoon.

According to all pre-season reports, the squad was not expected to enjoy much success this fall. Statistics reveal, its personnel to be both young and small, and studded with few prep-school stars. But at the close of practice last evening, Coach "Skip" Stahley voiced the first promising words of the season.

"We won't be a set up for anyone," he predicted after he had sent his charges in, following a hard scrimmage. "Their spirit has greatly improved lately, and the squad is shaping up much better than was at first expected."

Greatest task of a Freshman coach is to pick a working nucleus from a crowd of completely unknown candidates. But "Skip" has had practice at this sort of job, and named the following tentative starting eleven with little hesitation.

Harder and Peabody were named as ends, Tibbetts and Tewksbury as tackles, Brown and Lowry as guards, and Smith at center. Stedman, Gardella, Donahue, and Budlong will make up the backfield. Both Gardella and Donahue are potential triple threats, and together with Budilong have done some fine running in the serimmages. Stodman will call signals.

Other players of promise are: Guards: Grover, Lacey, Wilson. Tackles: Curtis, Eiser, Lovett, Ends: Kaufman, Hurley. Centers: Townsend, Tully. Backs: Helman, Santuosse.