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Senting on a penalty abot halfway through the first period and maintaining its advantage for the reat of the game, the Varsity soccer team outplayed Princeton 1-0 before the football game at Nassan Saturday.

Individual star for the Crimson was Bernard Jacobson, right half, whose defensive work crippled the Tiger almost entirely on one side of the field. On the offense Jo Johansen stood out, tallying the invaders' only goal and jamming the play around the home team cage by repeatedly going into the air to head the ball by the Princeton fullbacks.

After Arthur Page had been taken off his feet as he was about to shoot in front of the Princeton net, the Crimson scored in the first period. In this quarter as in the next two Jack Carr's men were setting up plays about two to the Orange and Black's one, but were repeatedly stalled by the fine goal guarding of Tiger Ty Cobb.

Only in the final period did the home team outrush, moving down the field with the wind. Fullback Joe Bradley put on steam for the winners here, however, while goalie Put Williams made a shoe string catch of a hard low drive for the day's outstanding save.

Other players would be hard to single out. The Crimson distinctly held the upperhand, and this despite a field smaller than the one it is used to, where a high wind tossed ordinarily accurate passes every which way.

At Andover also Saturday the Freshmen battled the schoolbboys through two extra periods to a scorless draw.

George H. Hanford, whose goal play figured largely in the outcome, was elected captain of the Yardlings before the game.

The Harvard Varsity summary: g., Williams; r.f., gosline; l.f., Bradley; r.h., Jacobson; c.h., Scott; l.h. Phillips; r.o., Johnsen, Halstead; r.i., Harnden, Rousmaniere, c., Page; l.i., Motley, Johansen; l.o., Mendel.

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