Undergraduates Celebrate Second Consecutive Virtual Housing Day


Dean of Students Office Discusses Housing Day, Anti-Racism Goals


Renowned Cardiologist and Nobel Peace Prize Winner Bernard Lown Dies at 99


Native American Nonprofit Accuses Harvard of Violating Federal Graves Protection and Repatriation Act


U.S. Reps Assess Biden’s Progress on Immigration at HKS Event

The Crime


There was one night when a socially prominent undergraduate had drowned his carefreeness with much potent liquid and was speeding merrily, if not somewhat like a May Pole dance along a suburban turnpike. Unluckily an innocent automobile blocked his way; he did not hit it hard, but hard enough to excite the driver, arouse hot words, and attract a state policeman who was parked nearby.

No sooner did the officer place a hand on his shoulder than the drink in our hero came up for the fourth time. The policeman, as a matter of routine, asked him if he had been drinking. "No," he said, "I always get sick when I see an officer of the law."

That wasn't all. By this time a sizable crowd had collected about the setting and the players in the evening's melodrama. The undergraduate turned to look at this group of staring faces and, with fervor and a clarity of diction reminiscent of Randolph or Gonverneur Morris, cried: "Ah, the peasants!"

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