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Compared to the situation that existed this time last year, when the College was still smouldering under the "double or nothing" rule for entertaining women guests in the Houses, the parietal regulations have come a lon way. The present rules, making for the necessary check-up by the authorities on the one hand, and, on the other, the student's desire to entertain guests in as much freedom as possible, appear to be working tolerably well. One special request may be made for the occasion of the Yale game, however: that permission be granted to extend until eight o'clock Saturday evening.

It is bringing coals to Newcastle to point out that the Yale game is one of the important social occasions in the life of the University, as well as its premier athletic event. On the evening after the game countless Harvard graduates, their families, and friends gather, from near and far to mingle with students in their rooms, and celebrate the victory to which all are looking forward. To close these parties out at seven, if past experience is a guide, will be pouring water on flames of festivity still burning brightly and well, flames which should be allowed to burn longer if their whole warmth is to be felt.

For the sake of Harvard men, and Harvard's feminine adherents, of all ages it would be an enlightened policy for the College, throughout all the Houses, to allow room permissions up to eight o'clock on Saturday after the Yale encounter.

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