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Everybody Would Like Just Two "Good Ones" for Tilt on Saturday

By Cleveland Amory

It's a pretty busy week for the H. A. A., and it's no wonder the boys dole out the ducats in grumpy fashion. For the last few years, when even the ushers felt lonely during the games, the A. A. boys had wolves at the door. That was bad enough. This year, with a sellout, Quincy Street has been so thick with speculators that the boys would probably be glad to go back to the wolves.

Everybody's grousing about their tickets. Even the deans, one of whom is placed fairly near the center of the steel stands only a few rows off the ground, would like to know who gets the "specials," that ambiguous term for fifty-yarders.

No Sense of Humor

Thus it is sort of hard for the A. A. boys to keep their sense of humor through it all, and a hitherto unpublished story which took place a couple of years ago is applicable at the present moment.

The fact is that an elderly graduate got poor seats for 15 years. He was just an ordinary grad. He hadn't even made the Varsity Club by managing the badminton team or any other team, so he didn't get preferment.

He wrote the H. A. A. to the effect that, since they had given him the worst seats in the stadium for 15 years, could they possibly keep their record intact and give him the worst in the stadium for the sixteenth year. He figured his frankness might get him a seat right back of the team, but his strategy backfired. He was placed in the exact center of the steel stands in row A. As they had used the north end for haying that year, he didn't get a very good view of the proceedings.

"Two Good Ones"

From out of Brooks House yesterday came a truly pathetic tale. A lady called up and wanted two good tickets. She was answered politely but with an inference that there were a lot of people who wanted "two good ones."

"Well," she said, "I simply must have them. You see, I represent the state Y. W. C. A., and we ran a contest a little while ago, the winner of which was to get two good tickets to the Harvard-Yale game. The winners want to collect."

It's just too bad every seat isn't on the 50-yard stripe.

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