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The Vagabond

"ALL UP TO CHEER. . . ."


Harvard Square . . . one subway; one taxi; one dock; one ticket; one bag; one porter; one boat; one cabin. Two dinners -- three dollars; one dance; one moon; one night; one Canal; one occan; headaches. Scrambled eggs -- bad coffee; one skyline; one bag; one porter; one taxi; two beggars . . . Times Square.

And that, gentle readers, is no little change for the Vagabond who is more suited to an evening musing in his Tower than gadding about Father Knickerbocker's island. But here it is; and, bless his soul, here he is: "Look out der, buddy; this ain't bean town" . . . "Her der, hey der, Tigers fav'red; pape, mister, pape!" Hold thy prophecy, youngster, the game is . . . "Ah, nertz; read al' 'bout it. Hey der, hey der!"

Time is about as scarce in Manhattan as a fresh breeze in the subway. No sooner had the Vagabond visited a few friends, seen "Jubilee" at the Imperial, sipped a little tea, and evening was on; and away . . . the old fellow's feeling gay. No Boston beans tonight.

There's Broadway and there's the lights. There's Rudy Vallee at the Waldorf and fruit at every corner. There's the French Casino and the Stork Club; then again, there's the Museum. There's the Persian Room at the Plaza; and there's Jimmy Kelly's in Greenwich--but don't take your best girl. There's gayety and there's music and an excellent show at the Cotton Club; then again, there's the Salvation Army. Try the Russian Kretchma for a bit of foreign atmosphere; you'll find Ozzie Nelson at the Lexington.

The old fellow's new cloak is blowing in the breeze. Times Square was never so gay since Jimmy Walker and the depression. Then again there's Mayor La Guardia's quiet campaign. Still the best buy for your nickels is to be had at Radio City, "Peter Ibbetson". There's the Auto Show at Grand Central Palace; there's the Horse Show at the Garden; then again "Three Men on a Horse" will be found romping at the Playhouse. But there's always the dawn. And there's the tunnel and there's the highway and there's the game. And all over again. Times Square . . . one holiday . . . one journey . . . one high Tower.

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