Since you made passing references to Centre College's former dominance on the Southern gridiron in your informative Southern football writeup ("Time", Oct. 25), the following facts may enthrall you.

Centre, of course, gained her greatest National distinction in 1921 by beating Hahvahd (often vulgarly referred to as Harvard) 6-to-0, but her other triumphs were impressive . . . That year Centre had one of her seven undefeated, untied seasons (a "2-U" season as it were) . . . Centre was the fourth Southern team to play Hahvahd and only the first to defeat Hahvahd. . . .

Coach Charlie ("Unk") Moran, who was mentor of the "Praying Kernels" on their flight to fame, was supposed to have exhorted his men in this fashion just before the kickoff:

"Now remember, boys, while these Harvard people have treated you boys swell, have dined you at the best hotels, put you up in the finest bedrooms, boys, remember this--when you go out there on the field never forget that every one of them Harvard fellows votes the straight Republican ticket." . . . Ed Nace,   Letter to the Editors of "Time."