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Aspiring Yardlings Will Have First Chance to Compete November 9

By Harold M. Curtias

Three fields of activity are open to the Class of 1941 when the first CRIMSON competitions for Freshmen begin on November 9. On that date the News, Business, and Photographic Boards will welcome candidates for vacant positions. The competitions will last until the Christmas vacation.

Work on the News Board provides wide fields of interest for a candidate, especially when he is a Freshman. It enables him to learn about the inner workings of the University, to find out facts in a few weeks which might take him two or three years to discover if he were just an ordinary mortal in the College.

Wide Acquaintances

The work also gives a Freshman an opportunity to know and meet a tremendous number of people, both students and officials. It gives him a wide range of acquaintances, one of the most important things to be gained while in college.

Of course there are many other things to do in a competition. Candidates will be sent to get interviews with all types of famous people, to cover sports and talk with coaches, to write feature stories on all sorts of subjects, and do general news gathering.

Business and Photography

For men interested in the business end of a paper, the Business Board offers ample opportunity for developing talent in this direction. Work consists of contacting Cambridge, Boston, and even New York business men to secure advertising. By such contact with so many concerns a wide range of business training and insight is secured.

The Photographic Board offers fine training to Freshmen who wish to work in this field. With its own dark room and developing equipment and with experienced photographers already on the Board, a candidate has here a great chance for both learning the fine points of photography and doing interesting work.

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