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The Vagabond

"We are all going to heaven . . ."


They would accomplish great things, these Freshmen. In Thayer, in Wigglesworth, at the Union they are telling one another what can be done. Father did it; yes, and he's here to tell the tale. Well, take Emerson, or James or even Waiter Lippmann; say, there's President Roosevelt himself--they've done it. We can do it. Yes, work--but you can't stop a man who wants a thing badly enough. And there'll be time to spare: for the theatre, for opera, for Brattles, for football yes, and Wellesley too. A man must be well-rounded. Opportunity knocks here; freedom rings. Harvard is the world's greatest University.

In Dunster, in Lowell, everywhere the Sophomores are trekking in. They're in a House now. No hurry. All will be well. Aren't they candidates for honors? And things will be better now they know the ropes. You can't stop a good man--and Harvard takes care.

Somewhere Juniors are talking: For a man who really wants to accomplish things Harvard's the place. Best men in the country here. Too bad we all can't make the top grade. Yet, you know, my tutor says I've still a chance. Two more years is a long time. After next week-end I'm on the books to stay!

The Seniors will soon be in: What's done can't be undone; health means a lot. And after all it's the people you know that counts. Just hit the generals for a good pass and, well, a lot can happen in a year. The world wants men not marks.

From his sanctum in Dunster the Vagabond hears a voice: College? A convention perhaps; just a necessary caste mark. But then again four years of unique opportunities. A soft-cushioned world to try your wings. All is here: Men from every walk of life; courses in every field. The college is for the student. Success or failure his own responsibility.

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