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The University has killed three birds with one stone. With the announcement that a new Hemenway gymnasium will be built containing twelve regulation size squash courts, comes the solution of three serious problems. This gymnasium will remove the difficulty of giving graduate students quick exercises in an accessible place. It will also relieve the strain on the capacities of the University squash courts and lastly will take care of the pressing need for regulation rourts for the squash matches with outside colleges. Of these three dead birds, the first is by all odds the largest.

The Hemenway Gymnasium, as it stands today, does not solve the problems of exercise for law school students at all. Infested as it is with freshman and varsity squads, and provided with no squash courts, it is shunned by a large percentage of the Langdell Hall inhabitants. What is more, a game of squash implies an expedition down to Linden Street one day to sign up, and again on the next day to play; and most of the students do not consider it worth the time or the effort. But next year with the courts at its back door, the Law School can get all the exercise it wants.

Down at Linden Street there are too many squash enthusiasts and too few courts. Everyone has to sign up a day ahead of time to be sure of But twelve more courts every half hour will greatly relieve the pressure. Moreover, since the new courts will all be regulation size, the important matches can be played on them without disconcerting the opponents because the courts are a foot too long or a half a foot too wide.

Although the situation will continue to be bad for another, year until the gymnasium is completed, nevertheless, it is encouraging to realize that a court, and for many people this is impossible improvements are on the way. Most important of all is the fact that the University has realized the necessity of giving the graduate students, not just the members of college, a chance to exercise.

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