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Erhard Finishes Third in Varsity Run As Two Princeton Men Win--Nichols First in Freshman Race


And Harvard did not down the Elis and Tigers yesterday, for both teams in both the Freshman and Varsity races had enough men in before the Crimson to place Jaakko Mikkola's mentors in last place.

The defeat wasn't entirely unexpected. From the past records of all three teams it was evident that the Crimson runners were up against some very tough competition. For Princeton had been undefeated to date, and the Blues had lost only to Dartmouth, and that by a narrow margin.

The final score of the Varsity race on the basis of three dual meets was Princeton 21, Harvard '36, Princeton 22, Yale 34; and Yale 24, Harvard 32. The Harvard Freshmen also lost to both teams. Though Jaakko's Yearlings won first and third individual places, the Freshmen were very weak in the lower ranks, and so came out on the losing end when the final score, was compiled. The Freshman score was Yale 24, Harvard 31; Princeton 26, Harvard 29; and Princeton 27, Yale 28.

Captain Frederick Rosengarten '38 of Princeton won the Varsity five mile race in 28 minutes, 51 and four-tenths seconds. Holding hands with him at the finish was his teammate Peter Bradley '38. John Erhard, the Harvard banner carrier, was thirty yards behind the two Orange and Black harriers. Captain Erhard is a good cross country runner, but the two Princeton men are better still.

Next Harvard man in was Pen Tuttle '40, in eighth place. Roswell Brayton '39 was tenth, William Wright '38 in fifteenth place was the next Crimson man in. And the remaining six men finished in order starting with nineteenth place; Alex Northrop '38; George P. Gardner, Jr. '39; Frank L. Porter '40; Edward S. Childs '40; Francis M. Rivinus, Jr. '38.

The most exciting finish of the afternoon was in the Freshman race, when Harvard captain Robert B. Nichols passed Captain Alfred L. Shapleigh of Yale within a few yards of the finish line after running a few steps behind for the last quarter mile. Nichols' time over the two and a half mile course was 13 minutes, 29 and two-tenths seconds.

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