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Harvard, that ancient institution on the bank of the Thames, which Artemus Ward described "as pleasantly situated in the Parke House, School Street, Boston," is the next to be considered. And the staid Harvard lads do not fare too well under female inspection.

"The Harvard men are, of course, old before their time. Upon their arrival in Cambridge Town they rapidly become steeped in the notorious Harvard haughtiness--they never forget that they are the sons of the oldest and richest university in these almost United States. They forget that they were raised on corn bread and pot likker in East Lip, Ark., and go Beacon Street with almost incredible rapidity--usually because they are nearly all put on the Boston deb lists. A youth who has been at Harvard a few months Knows All, because he can toss off Ultimate on the great names and minds to which he has been exposed. "As T. S. Eliot said to me at lunch . . . ." If you are at all smart you will let it go at that and start looking for mutual acquaintances in Dorchester.

"Sic transit gloria mundi," or so is the bubble of the Cambridge collegian pricked by the witty caustic observer from Smith who next chooses Yale as the place and the Yale man as the subject.


"The Yale man," the editors are "glad to say," "is a somewhat happy medium between the two extremes of the big three. He is proud of his alma mater's name, but he is not like the weary Cantabridgian, weighed down by the responsibility of belonging to America's Oldest College, and, while he is still one of the just-a-big-boy school, he manages to escape the callowness of the Princeton man. The Yale man is a lively, boisterous, generous host, and the most rahrah college man cast of the Alleghenies . . . He is apt to be too clothes conscious, too worshipful of unpicturesque tradition, and too conscientious about his weekends in New York, but his junior prom is the peak of most girls' prom trotting ambitious. from the Dartmouth

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