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Says That Writing Is A Rigorous Life Work Which Requires Perseverance


The chances of breaking into the writing or journalistic field are just the same as for any other profession, stated Christopher Morley in between autographs at Jordan Marsh's.

Those gloomy novelists who talk about one out of every 500,000 being able to make the grade are complimenting themselves on their own genius.

"Nevertheless," he declared, "writing is a vigorous and exacting life work, and the man who decides to go into it has to have a strong interest in writing and besides that, perseverance."

Morley advised the student just getting out of college however, to stay clear of depending on writing for a living entirely, for the work is spotty, and cannot be depended upon to yield a steady income at the very outset.

"Writing is a good stick to have by you, but a very poor crutch," he said. "It's all right to do some of it on the side, but when it becomes the only means of supporting oneself, it is not a very satisfying profession."

His opinion on the advantages afforded by college courses in composition and English to the man who wishes to continue his writing was that "if you don't have the inspiration in the first place, it's a lot of bologney."

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