Six Undergraduates Made Recipients of $300 in Scholarships; Societies of Boston, Cambridge Get $375

Disbursing $675 in the form of six Council Scholarships and grants to four local charities, the Student Council voted the largest amount at a single meeting since the beginning of the college year, last night in University Hall.

Stipends Total $300

Scholarships totaling $300 were voted to the following: John Black '38, Paul T. Choate '39, Franklin W. Coleman '38, Charles V. Haley '38, Raymond J. Harris '40, and David R. Simboli '40. Due to the unprecedented number of applications for aid, the Council voted awards to a much larger group than usual at a single meeting.

The Boston Community Fund, the centralized drive for a great group of Hub charities was voted $250, while three surely local Cambridge charities will receive $125. The Family Welfare of Cambridge, the Cambridge Y.M.C.A., and the Cambridge Neighberhood House, are included in this group.