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Will Attack Enforced Arbitration Of Labor Disputes


Before an audience of 400 convicts, Harvard debaters will face the Norfolk State Prison Colony debating team over the question of labor arbitration on Sunday night at Norfolk.

In its third debate on labor questions this year, the Crimson will take the negative on the question, "Resolved: That the National Labor Relations Board should be empowered to enforce arbitration of all industrial disputes." Paul W. Cherington '40, and John A. Sullivan, Jr., '38, and Jay W. Kaufman '38 will take the stand against compulsory arbitration. There will be a decision.

Dubbed an "unnecessary frill" by the Colony's critics, the prison debating team last year trounced M. I. T. Later in the season the convict debaters will wage verbal war with Brown and M. I. T. among other opponents. All the debates have been at the prison.

Spectators must obtain passes from Welch Peel '30, Dunster K-51 before Friday, and must reach the prison before 6.30 o'clock in order to be checked in.

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