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WHICH is the better weather fore-caster, a squirrel or the Maintenance Department? Tradition assumes the sqirrel, and according to reports so far the squirrel has not prepared for a cold winter.

But the Maintenance Department scored a surprise success last week. While they were putting up the board steps in front of Widener, in expectation of a coat of ice, three squirrels approached from a nearby tree. They watched for a minute, held a short conference and disappeared hurriedly in the direction of the Union kitchen.

At last a concrete difference between a Harvard and Radcliffe student has been discovered. It is in the method of carrying books to class.

Harvard favors the straight arm technique. They either hold their books in one hand, at their side, or they keep their hands in their side, or they keep their hands pockets and slip the books inside their arm. But the arm is always in a vertical position. The load is generally reduced to a minimum.

The Radcliffe species, however, invariably use the bent arm method, pressing the textbooks to their heart, as it were. They regard the books as the dearest things they have on earth, and take pride in carrying a goodly assortment of volumes about.

The following letter was sent to the office of a Boston paper last week:

"Dear Sir:

Perhaps I am going too far when I assume the prerogatives of a subscriber in writing this letter to you, for the only claim I have to being one is that I have paid for a subscription to the --until January 1. I just discovered my cancelled check.

I do remember now that on three occasions I found a copy of the--lying on the stairs. It did not occur to me at the time that it was mine, although I borrowed it for the breakfast and returned it thereafter to the same spot, Later one of those days I saw the maid throw it down the incinerator.

At any rate I find I have paid an average of $.67 a copy, and figure that I can make as good or even a better bargain by paying two cents for one elsewhere. If you wish to continue sending occasional copies until the end of March to make up what you owe me, please do, but I am not going to pay for any more after the first of the year."

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