He Bit His Nails, Pounded His Nails But Couldn't Control the U. S. Mails

Carpenter's Fool Proof, Male Proof Mail Box Fools Mail Man But Not Mail

Adequate proof of the proverb that "One man's meat is another man's poison," if nothing else, has emerged from the guerrilla struggle between the Harvard Maintenance and the United States Post Office Departments which has been raging in the basement of University Hall to such an extent that Martial Law has been declared in the University News Office.

No Hole, No Mail

The dream a of the Maintenance Department is no mail, and the dream of the Postman is no deer. But there must be mail and there must be a door to keep the mail in. The problem has been to get the mail in and to keep it in.

The hole which was large enough to admit the size volumes that comes form some self esteeming institutions, was large enough to admit the whole Post Office Department, excluding James A. Farley, and as a result the mail was in serious danger. The next problem then, was to keep the mails in and the males out.


But even such a hair-breadth distinction as this was not too small to be split by the hawk-eye wielder of the hammer at the Maintenance building. About a week age a brand new feel-proof device appeared at tached to the door. A package could get in, but an arm couldn't.

Among the first victims of this device, however, was the Postman. In fact on Tuesday he dumped the mail outside in despair. Apparently he was roundly sounded for this, because yesterday morning, with an unusually large load, be tackled the jig-saw brain-child of the M. D. again.


All went well and his arm was still infact until he came to a package from the University of Masulipatsam, India. After dropping if in the slot he heard a lend crack and the sound of splinging weed, tollened by an avalanche of packages and wood on the other side of the deer. Rearing an explosion he hastily dumped the rest of his lead and left the building an mail.