Battery Candidates Now in Second Week of Indoor Work

Rest of Baseball Squad Reporting to Coaches Next Week

Starting today Varsity and Freshman battery candidates face a second and final week of solo practice in Briggs Cage before the regularly scheduled appearance of infielders and outfielders.

Among receivers at work are Philip C. Staples ocC, ineligible last year, on whom Coach Mitchell bases considerable hopes, and Elliot C. Bacon, who caught on the 19398 undefeated Freshman team. Arthur L. Johns '39, second baseman and captain of this historic Yardling nine, is already limbering up for the infield drive.

Dick Walsh, veteran, and Slim Curtiss, 1939 starter, are in the ranks of the pitchers turning out regularly. Also among these are Royall Victor '37, who has been up and down with the Varsity and Junior Varsity for two years, Proctor H. Avon '37, Junior Varsity mainstay last year, and John R. Mahoney '37, also of the 1936 Seconds.