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It is sometimes said that opportunity knocks but once. For Freshmen the opportunity to dine in the Houses has been rapping since last September, and it still continues unavailingly to rap its knuckles raw as far as most first year men are concerned. A certain measure of sympathy is due the men who finds himself in a House other than his choice, but the Freshman who, with one blind stab, successfully chooses his upperclass residence and then finds it not at all to his liking deserves little commiseration. An occasional meal in each of the seven Houses is one of the best aids to a rational and lasting selection.

For this purpose--giving the Freshmen a chance to smooth out the workings of the House Plan--a generous program of dinning privileges was granted last year to all prospective House members. Upperclassmen may invite Freshmen once a week to join them at their festive board, anytime throughout the year, and during the period just preceding the final decision Freshmen may have fourteen meals even without invitations. This effort on the part of the University is about as liberal as could be desired.

It is obvious that no matter how good the intentions of the University may be, the House Plan can never develop into anything approaching the English colleges if prospective members do not take a genuine personal interest in making their House selection. To most Freshmen the reality of the Houses is rather vague--they are buildings somewhere outside the Yard. Occasional meals with their upperclass friends, or even in groups of their own class, would do much to break down this nebulous feeling, and aid in choosing a House sensibly. If the opportunities for inspection which the University offers are to be of any service whatsoever, Freshmen must take advantage of them.

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