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New England to Be "Duchy of Farley"; Earldoms for Leaders


As was hoped by the Yale founders, plans have been laid for the founding of a Roosevelt-For-King Club here. The Harvard Chapter of the organization is an independent club, in direct contact with the Yale group, and the report in a Boston paper that the Chapter is connected with the Lampoon, undergraduate humorous publication, was erroneous.

Officers of the club were elected last night and include Bruce Foster '39 and Cleveland Amory '39, co-presidents, Albert Stickney, Jr. '38, vice-president, William A. Burnham '38, secretary, and Nathaniel G. Benchley '38, treasurer.

Due to the growing strength of the "Crown America first" trend here in New England, officers of the club confidently expect that one of the monarch's first royal acts will be to name New England the "Duchy of Farley" and to grant earldoms to the college leaders. It was revealed that the Yale club has invited girl's colleges to form "Eleanor for Queen" clubs and preparatory schools to form "Jimmy-For-Crown-Prince" clubs.

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