Writes Predicting Future Fruits of Dean's Leisure--Beale and Williston Head Fund Committee

Letters from President Conant and ex-President Lowell in favor of the plan to raise $350,000 for a fund to endow a professorship in honor of Dean Roscoe Pound, were read at a meeting of the Council of the Law School Alumni Association last night.

President Conant's letter praised the spirit of the alumni who were back of the move. "This undertaking," he said, "on the part of a group of loyal alumni of the Harvard Law School is most welcome to me as president of the University. The fund which you are proposing to raise for the endowment of a professorship will be, of course, a most acceptable addition to the University's resources: but more important, from my point of view, is the fact that this fund is to be raised in honor of Dean Pound, one of the most distinguished scholars of the University, and a man who has done so much for the development of the Harvard School of Law.

"I am sure that it will be a delight to all his friends, both inside and outside the University, to know of this effort on his behalf, and you may have my most sincere wishes for all possible success."

Ex-President Lowell's letter declared that the retirement of Dean Pound from administrative duties would give him more opportunity to talk on jurisprudence. "Everyone interested in the subject," he said, "hopes that he will find time to do it now."

Joseph H. Beale '82, Royall Professor of Law, and Samuel Williston '82. Dane Professor of Law, are honorary chairmen of the committee in charge of the fund.