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Harvard and Yale were named as leading institutions of education by two messengers of God who came to Cambridge yesterday as part of their trip around the world to warn the leaders of public opinion of the coming of the millenium in 1966.

The millenium will be preceded by the second battle of Armageddon in 1959 in which many men will be killed off. The millenium then will consist in having 18 women for every man.

The two wayfarers first visited President Conant's office where they were cordially met by his secretary, Stephen S. Stackpole '33, who was forced to inform them that the president was in conference. This was the second time that they had been turned down by a president, the first being a few months ago when they visited President Roosevelt, who, they said, was unable to see them because he was in conference with the Liberty League.

The two messengers of God, as they termed themselves, consisted in an elderly man who gave his age as 70, and a junior partner who remained silent while the elder delivered his message in the University News Office, their second stop at Harvard. They were both dressed in dungarees and old clothes, the elder claiming that they had a message from God to go forth in old clothes but clothes that were worm and comfortable.

The elder, who looked not unlike Professor Hopper except that he was shorter, claimed that he had been examined by mental specialists in several states and each time had been judged to be of a sound mind. Being subjected to the tests he considered part of the tribulations that a messenger of God could be expected to be subjected to.

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