Victor Will Record "Passion", "Fair Harvard", Regular Choral Pieces During This Week

In preparation for three major performances during the remainder of the week, the Glee Club and the Radcliffe Choral Society are working earnestly under the direction of G. Wallace Woodworth, conductor of the two musical organizations.

On Friday afternoon and evening, the Glee Club and Choral Society will present with the Boston Symphony Orchestra under Dr. Koussevitzky, Bach's "Saint Matthew Passion." R.C.A. Victor, favorably impressed by the excellence of last year's presentation by the two societies, will record the entire work on twenty 12-inch records. In addition, the first half of the three hour program will be broadcast over the N.B.C. network.

With the same individuals taking part and again in collaboration with the Boston Symphony Orchestra, "Fair Harvard" as presented at the Tercentenary Celebration will also be recorded by R.C.A. at some rehearsal during the week. it is expected that these the week. It is expected that these recordings will be played at Alumni meetings throughout the nation.

Sixty members of the Crimson Glee Club will make several additional recordings for Victor Saturday at Symphony Hall. The selections chosen by the conductor will be taken from the regular concert repertoire of the Club. Because of the extreme difficulty of recording a male chorus presentation and still preserving its quality, the records will not be released for public purchase unless approved by Woodworth.