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With the formation of a committee of arrangements, the Student Union once again turns its thoughts to its annual peace strike scheduled for April 22. Having received the official blessing of Dean Hanford, the committee is now searching for suitable speakers, who are about as scarce as angels' visits.

It is an evidence of the wisdom on the part of the Student Union that it has decided to repeat the method used so successfully last year. Last April, a well-attended meeting was held in Sanders Theatre, addressed by Professor Prall and a leader of the English youth movement. In every way the meeting was a welcome contrast to the peace strikes sponsored in previous years by advocates of the olive branch at Harvard. It was orderly, calm, and drenched in the peaceful atmosphere most conducive to a protest for peace. On the other hand, the peace strikes of other years had been rendered futile by the ridicule and indifference of a Harvard community that considered the strike paradoxically militant. In 1935, the spring-feverish antics of Hitler-mustachioed students clad in boy scout uniforms easily outshone the vain attempts of the peace lectures.

Everyone who sympathizes with the efforts of the Student Union to marshal peace sentiment will receive with joy the announcement of a national, dignified peace strike.

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