Congress Passes Amendment For Laboratory Broadcasts

Fate of Experimental Station Rests With Roosevelt

After passing both the House and Senate, an amendment to the Communications Act, permitting the University experimental station at Cruft Laboratory to broadcast, was sent to the White House yesterday to await the signature of Franklin D. Roosevelt '04.

In 1934 the laboratory was forced to cease its radio activity because of the clause in the Communication Act, requiring a licensed operator to be in attendance at all broadcasts. By the new amendment an automatic transmitting apparatus without an operator will be permitted because of the scientific nature of the experimental station.

Senator David I. Walsh of Massachusetts, who proposed the bill, stressed the value of the Cruft station for science. Previous to its forced cessation of activity, the laboratory made a continuous survey of atmospheric conditions and means to increase the distance of radio communication.

Other stations which will be affected by the amendment if signed by the President, are certain police, experimental, and emergency stations.