Yardling Peat Mossers Concentrate For Deciding Engagement in Class C Matches

Indoor polo at Harvard will hold added interest for its devotees when the Varsity team enters the Intercollegiate Tournament in New York next week. The tournament is to be held in the Squadron A Armory and will last until Saturday, April 3.

The team, now consisting of Paul For at No. 1, Skiddy Von Stade at No. 2, and Townsend Winmill, back, recently turned back a New York Athletic Club trio to the tune of 7 1-2 to 5 1-2. Fox ringing up six goals to lead the scoring. Yale also is making a strong bid for the championship.

Freshman Polo

The Freshman trio with Gay Dillingham playing No. 1, John Lewis, No. 2, and Warwick Stabler at back will play Battery A in the finals of the C League Tournament at the Commonwealth Armory, Saturday March 27. The team has suffered but one defeat being beaten by Yale by a score of 16 1-2 to 6 1-2.

Dillingham is the outstanding Fresh man player and reached the zenith of his scoring prowess in the Avon game having belabored his opponents with 17 tallies. Paced by Dillingham, the Yard lings stand a good chance to win the tournament.