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The Moviegoer



There is nothing we can add to what you already know about America's little girl. This latest film to reach Cambridge, which, incidentally, had its world premiere at last Spring's Princeton House Party, is the same icky precariousness which seems to be enjoyed by everyone who has a child.

Shirley is here and there is nothing to do about it but we can complain about the treatment given to the rest of the cast. John Boles can sing but we were offered the pipings of the cute one instead and even the worst of the history debunkers would shudder at the insipid portrayal of Abraham Lincoln. It is about time that petty actors stopped trying to take the part of the world's greatest men.

"Collegiate" is more than passing fair because of the dance routines of Betty Jane Cooper and her chorus and the comedy work of Lynn Overman. Penner is the rich angel for a charm school run by Jack Oakie, which teaches the girls how to dress, dance, and use cosmetics.

Unfortunately, Penner has lost his memory and does not know who he is, with ensuing complications. The only difference it makes to the picture is that Goo-Goo is missing most of the time and Penner's acting suffers from it. Francis Langford is quite pleasant as the secretary of the school but she seems to have had a lapse of judgment when she falls for Oakie who looks utterly stupid with a newly found moustache.

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